Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rebekah, my little sister

Bekah, as I've written before, is my youngest sister. She's 15 and very okay with herself. :) Something most females do is something she's totally against: Being emotional and making assumptions.
Her mind works secretively, and you sometimes have no idea what she's thinking - and she may never tell you, either. Beth and I call her a young secret agent, and that is the way she thinks about things. When she sees someone acting normally to me, she says, "He's doing something wrong." And do you know what? She's usually right.
You never want to take anything of hers, because later on, she'll always find out - even if you put it back in the same place. Agh! Not, uh, that I've ever done that, but, um, you might want to take my advice. :D

Music is half of her day. She plays mandolin very well, and writes songs a lot. She goes around singing all of time, and sometimes we have to say to her when we're in public places, "Bekah, shhh... You're singing pretty loudly!" She never believes us, but when you're across a store and you can still here her, I think you'd understand! :)
Bekah's a great sister, even if she doesn't let me get away with anything!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

My brother and sisters

Our family has a joke about kids and the way they act with their order of age. It usually applies to 3 of the same sex born right in a row. Here it is!

The oldest wears a watch from the point they can read one and on. They make sure everyone knows what time it is, when we need to leave, and what's up on the schedule. When you go shopping, they need to complain at least once about something you're purchasing before it's all over. Beth, the girl on the far left, is the oldest girl in our family (19 yrs.), and she has everything (and everyone) organized, and her shelves and pictures are perfectly straight. She knows where everything is (helpful, but annoying at times), and remembers how to get places like she's a computer.

Now, the middle child is probably a bit different from the others. They are often caught in a different world from the rest, and sometimes are considered to be a bit slow. They often have the most trouble at keeping their mouths shut, and also have trouble at remembering something someone said. I'm the middle child (16 yrs.), and I'm the girl closest to the boy. The facts above are wholly true, I must admit, and sometimes my sisters say I need to wear duct tape over my mouth to keep quiet! I think I should just control myself... and I'm working on it!

The youngest is the most playful, and has the easiest time at wiggling out of trouble. You can only fool them for the first 5 years of their lives, and after that, they know everything that's going on. A rule about the youngest: What's yours is theirs, and what's theirs is theirs, there's nothing you can do to stop it (but you deeply wish to!). Bekah (15 yrs.), the girl second from the left, is the youngest in our family, and she complies with the list above. She's a smart girl, so don't ever try to fool her! AND don't ever open candy in front of her, for the next time you look, it might be gone!

William, the only boy in our family, is 20, is quietly funny, and talks only when he needs to. People think he's really quiet, and they're not too far off, but you'd have to live with him to know him better. Trust me, what you see of him is who he is. He's always the same, no matter what group he's in. He's a wonderful brother to have!!

Beth: Organizer (if you need help, just leave a comment and I'll get in touch!), bass player, opera singer, party planner, and a keep-in-liner. :)

Sarah: Artist, violinist (but I play fiddle music), singer, writer (fantasy).

Bekah: Musician, mandolin player (very good one at that), singer, artist, people person (even though she reminds us daily the she "hates people" and that she's "old."

William: Insurance agent (if you need a quote, you can get it touch!), guitarist, reader, tennis and disc golf player.

We're all home schooled and Christians!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

What People Look Like In My Head

I find that whenever I see someone, I see them differently than what other people see them as. I look at someone and note these things (always, and I don't know why) :
-Eye colour
-Hair colour
-The way they speak
-The shape of their head
-Their neck (it always shose the strength of a person, no joke)
Anyway, I must be really strange in the way I see colour, as well, because I always know if someone had GREEN or BROWN eyes. So, so many people get those two colours confused and it's weird to me, but - oh, well. Also, what hair colours I see. I look at someone and I automatically register, "That person has fairly dark blonde hair," but then I come to find out that everyone else thinks they have brown hair. Ugh!!
Ears are very important to me, because they tell a person's race. Some are even attractive and some are pretty darn ugly, but no matter what they are like I like them 'cause you find so much out from them. :) I think a lot of this comes from drawing people so much, but people really think I'm strange for it! Again, oh well.
-Talk to you later!